Bike rental

Discover the breathtaking Tuscan country side and the beautiful medieval towns and castles by Bicycle. We offer our guests the possibility to rent new Mountain bikes fully equipped with helmet and lock. We also provide all the useful information and bike maps for you to spend your vacation enjoying the splendid Tuscan hills and scenary that surrounds Il Gheppio.

Local Markets

Mondays: Rosignano Solvay
Tuesday: Cecina center
Wednesday: Marina di Bibbona
Thursday: Donoratico
Friday: Livorno
Saturday: San Vincenzo
Sunday: Marina di Cecina

La Strada del Vino

From the Colline Metallifere, in the Pisa inland until the great island of the Tuscan archipelago: the island of Elba. This is the territory of the La Strada del Vino Costa degli Etruschi which unfolds mostly through the province of Livorno and the area of the Montescudaio Doc, in the Pisa inland. La Strada del Vino divides into four production areas: Bolgheri Doc, which extends from the medieval village of Bolgheri towards Castagneto Carducci through the animal oasis of Bolgheri, recognised as wetland of International interest. In this area the prized wines of Bolgheri originate. These are the lands that give origin to wines such as Ornellaia, Sassicaia, and Guado al Tasso (Bolgheri Doc). The Elba Doc area extends throughout the surface of the island of Elba in the Tuscan archipelago, and the vines that produce the Aleatico wine or the vin Santo Occhio di Pernice are grown here. The territory of the Montescudaio Doc extends from Cecina and reach the Pisa inland towns of Guardistallo, Casale Marittimo, Montescudaio to return then to the Livorno coast in Marina di Bibbona. Finally the production area Val di Cornia Doc includes the area between Suvereto, through Campiglia Marittima and Piombino.

Famous places to visit

Florence is magnetic, romantic and busy, the cradle of the Renaissance. Just considering the historical centre alone Florence houses some of the greatest artistic treasures in the world. Churches, museums, galleries and palaces, each one of a definite architectural style. The most popular and important sites include the Cathedral, Santa Maria Novella, the Chapels, the Academy, Santa Croce,(the Old Town Hall), the Uffizi Museum, the Old Bridge, 'Pitti' Palace and the Boboli Gardens, a classical example of 'Italian-style garden'.

Siena: Inhabited by enterprising merchants since the 12th century, the city with its medieval and Gothic monuments is testimony not only of the high degree of expressiveness achieved by its artists but also of a precious and rare documentation of the 14th century. The Palio of Siena is the most important event in Siena, taking place on July 2 and August 16 every year. The horse race has its origins in the distant past, with historical records indicating horse races in Siena already taking place in the 6th century. In the Palio the various Sienese "contrade", or areas in which the city is divided, challenge each other in a passionate horse race in the heart of the city in the Piazza del Campo.

Pisa with the Miracle Square, world famous for its bell-tower, the Canadmire Baptistery, the Cathedral and the Cemetery monuments, which are a testimony to the different development phases from the Romanic Style of Pisa to the Gothic. Its internationally known University has its prestigious seat in the 'Scuola Normale di Pisa' located in the historical Cavalieri (Knights) Square.

Volterra is a charming medieval town in central Tuscany, known to the ancient Etruscans as Velathri, to the Romans as Volaterrae. Volterra and its splendid territory is, probably one of the most diversified and rich in attractions. The unquestionable historical tradition joins the beautiful nature surounding the town. In Volterra history has left its mark with continuity from the Etruscan period until the nineteenth century, with art and monuments of great importance, which can be admired simply through walking the streets of the historic center, but also visiting the city museums: the Museum Etruscan, the Art Gallery, the Museum of Sacred Art, the Living Museum of Alabaster.

San Gimignano: This little town, built in the 10th century along Via Francigena or Romea which, by means of sanctuaries, linked western Europe with Rome, evokes a hardworking and enterprising image of medieval Italy, elegant and refined. It is famous for its 72 towers (only 14 of which remain) which were built as a symbol of the wealth of the merchant families.

The Etruscan Coast

The Etruscan Coast stretches from Livorno down to the promontory of Piombino. It is rocky as far as Castiglioncello and then turn into a bay with sandy beaches from Marina di Bibbona, passing by Cecina until it reaches Baratti, where the hills of Piombino start. To the South the promontory of Piombino with the charming gulf of Baratti juts out into the sea. The scenery is dominated by a wonderful gulf of crystal clear waters, a small tourist harbour and long sandy beach dunes , on top of a hill, at the end of the gulf the Etruscan town of Populonia appears in the horizon, offering a panoramic view. Inside the medieval walls and fortress, built to defend the town from pirates during the 15th century, paved streets offer small shops, enotecas and a museum of Etruscan and Roman artefacts. Bolgheri is famous for the Viale dei Cipressi (Cypresses), wich gained everlasting fame in the poem "Davanti a San Guido" by Giosu´┐Ż Carducci, a poem that every Italian student learns by heart. At the end of the beautiful alley of Cypress trees one enters the picturesque town Bolgheri by passing through a single arched doorway. The town castle with its red bricks, creates an amazing contrast of colours with the surounding green of the olive trees and the cypresses and the feeling that time has stopped. Bolgheri is also well-known for its wine, produced from the grapes from the surrounding country side and also for the stables where famous champion horses are kept. For lovers of nature and bird-watching, an interesting stopover is the faunal sanctuary of Bolgheri, also known as "Padule di Borgheri".

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